So far I have just posted pictures on this blog and maybe a caption to go along with it. I think that is because I have a hard time putting into words the millions of thoughts that have occurred since we found out we are pregnant. Pictures are also much prettier and less boring than me blabbing on and on. All that being said, I figured I would write a bit to talk about some thoughts (mostly because I have school I should be doing and don’t feel like it).

Blair & I are so excited to be parents. For those of you that don’t know we both really love kids and pretty much always have. We have been looking forward to having a child for a while now and the time has finally come. While the baby wasn’t exactly ‘planned’ we couldn’t have planned it any better ourselves. We KNOW this life is a gift from God and it is fully His timing. Because of this we have an overwhelming sense of peace about the whole situation and have not felt worried or nervous thus far. It is reassuring knowing God takes care of us and will do the same as we prepare to bring this new life into the world.

Lots of people have asked how I am feeling and I am pretty lucky about how easy I got off. For about four weeks I felt very fatigued, nauseous and threw up a few times but it didn’t last very long. While it was happening and I was working full time at the First Baptist in Ponoka I did not feel like I got off very easy but apparently I did. The symptoms were short lived and about 9 weeks I was feeling much better. Other than that I have a caught a 24 hour flu two times since school has started and thrown up the odd morning but not much more. I have had lots of back problems throughout my life and for about a week I had a pinched nerve or something in my lower back and found it hard to walk or it just really hurt! It was a bit worrisome so I brought it up at our Community Group one night After praying for the pain to stop that night I haven’t felt it since. Just another amazing example of how wonderful our God is.

While I am now definitely showing I can still hide my bump under some clothes and haven’t ventured into the world of maternity clothes. It sounds silly but the whole idea of maternity clothes kind of freaks me out so I will probably wear my normal pants until it is no longer possible.

Everyone has been so supportive in the journey Blair & I are on and I feel so full of joy when I think of how happy everyone is about our news. Thank-you all for taking to time to read some thoughts, look at pictures, give us advice, offer us baby stuff and all the other ways people have shown support. We look forward to sharing parts of this new journey with you through the form of a blog and are so excited for these coming months!


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