old & new

old & new

This past weekend Blair and I were given a reminder about how precious life really is. Blair’s Grandpa Norman passed away this past Friday morning (October 14, 2012). Margo called us first thing in the morning to fill us in and told us he had passed away in his sleep. The place he was living in checked on him every few hours so he passed away sometime between 5:00am and 7:00am. He looked like he had just fallen asleep, and did not look like he struggled, reached for the phone or anything. Although he did not suffer it is still hard to love someone you love. My grandpa (Poppa) passed away almost one year ago and these losses have been hard as Blair and I both loved and respected them so much.


I feel incredibly honored to have known grandpa ever since Blair and I started dating and feel so lucky to have met Blair early in my life for this reason (among many). When I would visit Ponoka at the beginning of our relationship I would always stay at Grandma & Grandpa Smith's and they were happy to have me. I felt like family even before Blair and I were married and felt loved by him very early on.

He was such a kind, gentle spirit. He always had some kind of question that would seem to come out of no where but you could see his brain working in overdrive figuring life out. His questions showed he truly cared and was interested in our lives. He was a teacher and taught Physical Education among other things so my interest in being a teacher majoring in Kinesiology was something we would spend lots of time discussing. Through old stories as well as his present self, he was someone I admired and looked up to.I could go on and on about him and I have only known him for a few years.

What I really was thinking as I went to write this blog was about how precious life really is. Some of the saddest thoughts for me is that Grandpa Norm will not be able to meet Baby Stretch and our baby will not be able to meet it's Great Grandpa Norm on this earth. As we talked about funeral plans or reminisced about grandpa's life I would get little kicks from the new life inside of me. Life is so fragile and such a blessing all wrapped up into one and it continues to boggle my mind. We thank God continually for the blessing he has given us in the form of new life and pray he will keep our baby safe as it grows and develops over these next few months.


As I remember Grandpa Norm I thank God for placing him in my life. I thank God for the kindness, wisdom, and immense love Grandpa has shown to me. I thank God for bringing grandpa to be a Christian. I thank God for the blessing all my (and Blair’s) grandparents have been and continue to be in our lives.

I thank God for family.

Our new life has been moving around a lot lately and it is always an exciting time. We have an ultrasound scheduled for November 1 and as this is fast approaching we are getting very excited. Thanks for keeping our family in your thoughts and prayers. Blair and I feel beyond blessed with the amazing family and community we have been given.


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