blood test

Today I had an appointment to get my blood test taken (something I have put off since my maternity appointment about 2 weeks ago). I don’t know why, but I have been dreading it and not calling to make an appointment because I have ‘been too busy’. I am not usually scared of needles and have never had a problem with them but for some reason I was really not looking forward to it. I think it was because I didn’t really know what to expect.


When I called to make an appointment yesterday the lady on the phone was very…punctual? I am trying to think of a nice way to say she scared me a little. I was worried the person today would have the same mannerisms but thankfully that was not the case.
I got the the hospital and wandered around trying to follow signs to take me to the lab. Once I got there a very nice lady greeted me with a smile and it was all good from there. She was actually pregnant as well (due in 3 weeks) so we talked about a few baby things to help distract me from the needle. It was over before I knew it and although my arm is hurting a bit now it was not a negative experience in any way.
The hardest part for me actually turned out to be peeing in a cup. I kind of forgot about that part as I was concentrating on the needle and when she gave me the cup I was like… right…I didn’t have to pee at all (of course). I was guzzeling water from the tap of the bathroom but it did not seem to help. It took me a while but I think I got enough in the end. That is probably way too much information for 99% of the people reading so sorry!

As my way of apologizing for that yucky information I will tell you something exciting! The baby has been moving around LOTS! I can often feel it doing flips or something in my belly and Blair has felt it kick numerous times. According to the internet Baby Stretch can hear the vibrations of my voice, the sound of my blood whooshing as well as my heart beating (all which are SUPER loud for it).

A ‘Frequently Asked Question’ that comes up around this time – “Are you finding out the sex of the baby?” Our answer = NO.
Ever since Blair and I had first talked about having kids we both thought we would leave it a surprise so we are sticking to that. We might do something different with our next child but for now we are looking forward to Baby Stretch being born and finding out the gender then.

Well NOW I have to pee so I will end it off there this time!


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