Hello world!
Yesterday was a very exciting day in the Stretch household as Blair & I got see our precious little bundle of love.

It was mesmerizing.




Anyways, it may sound like I am over reacting (which I may be) but it was really great to see Baby Stretch.

For those of you who might like a play by play I will give you some fun details.

First of all Blair picked me up from the school and we headed straight to the office. When giving the lady my papers from the doctor I accidentally included my handout I had received in the previous class about Hitler and Nazi Germany. It was pretty funny but she looked a little scared.

Once in the room the computer was set up so I could just barley see it but it was facing away from me while she took pictures. I tried to sneak peaks every once and a while but it was also fun to watch Blair’s face while he watched her take pictures. Our technician was super nice and friendly and had all sorts of conversation type questions so her taking pictures went by faster than it could have (it still felt like forever as I wanted to see the baby)!

Then eventually she turned the screen. She gave us a walk through of where everything was. I have seen ultrasound pictures before but being able to see it moving around in ‘real time’ and seeing all the different parts together was just so cool. I do love the pictures we got but I don’t think I will ever forget the feeling of seeing the baby on that screen. It is also so different for me to see pictures of my own baby that is currently inside of me. Again, unbelievable. We decided Baby Stretch (at this point) has my nose & Blair’s lips haha! Again it is so awesome to think of a little one that will look like us and be a part of us. God just does such amazing things.

Baby is a MOVER! While we were watching it, arms and legs flailed and kicked and it was so great to see it moving instead of just feeling it (although I love that as well). I am thankful it moves so much as I love feeling its little kicks. I am sure I will not love it AS much when it starts keeping me up at night but it is the best feeling. We got to see the heart beating and everything, it was awesome.

She said the baby was measuring at 21 weeks and 6 days so take that as you will. She sent to report off to the doctor so we should hear everything for sure on the 6th when we have our appointment. As far as we know everything is looking good so we are very grateful. It is reassuring being to see all of the baby’s little fingers and toes and limbs etc.

It is all becoming so real, I love it.

Here are all the pictures we got! Enjoy!











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