wait time

wait time

We had our second doctors appointment yesterday and everything went great. Results from our ultrasound and blood tests were all fine and dandy so that was great to hear! According to my ultrasound, when I felt the baby kick and how I am measuring they think the baby may come a bit before March 17, 2013 as previously predicted. Our official due date is staying at the 17th but according to their measures my ‘new due date’ is March 9! So that rocks. I am already feeling so impatient waiting for the baby to come it is unbelievable (although I am sure some people can believe the impatience).

The other night before bed I played some old songs Blair recorded for me when we were dating on his phone. I put it on my belly so Baby Stretch could hear and s/he really liked it and started kicking like crazy. It was the cutest thing. I love thinking about it being able to hear my voice and listen to its daddy talk to it and love it.

In other news, it was a pretty big family day for me for multiple reasons. I got to skype my sister and daddy during the afternoon which was awesome. It is so cool hearing about all the adventures and fun my sister is having (if you want a snippet check out caitlinjeniece.tumblr.com) and I always love talking to my dad. My mom and youngest brother (A.J.) then came down from Claresholm and Calgary to visit Lethbridge. Colton came over and we had some time to eat great food and visit. They even got to feel the baby kick (although the boys didn’t seem quite as excited as my mom).
All this is to say that I am very thankful for the family God has given me and feel excited as we start our own little family and expand the one we already have.



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