grow, grow, grow!

grow, grow, grow!

Not a lot has been happening around the Stretch household as of late other than piles of school. Blair and I are both busy down at the University writing papers, studying, writing tests and even going to classes! Sometimes it is hard to concentrate on things like school when there is a rambunctious baby inside of me kicking and wanting attention but I have been getting through pretty good. One morning I skipped breakfast before heading off to school (well I had Nesquik & an orange but that doesn’t really count haha) and that was bad news as I am accustomed to a nice big breakfast. I felt dizzy and like throwing up so I left class for a bit. After eating (and even resting outside of class for a few minutes) I felt alright again. Other than that, I have been feeling pretty darn good, which I am always thankful for.

I am looking forward to being done classes for the semester and not having any to go to next semester. I am also excited for Blair as he registers for his last semester of his degree tomorrow! God has such perfect timing with everything, it makes me so happy we trust his timing instead of trying to fight it with everything we have.

We went to Value Village the other day and I couldn’t help picking out a few more clothes, even though I know we will get lots for presents. I feel like the smaller the clothes are, the harder they are to resist! We also bought some new (with tags) cloth diapers off Kijiji the other day for a steal of a deal so I am getting excited to start thinking about that (diapers are so exciting you know!?!)

Blair took some pictures of me tonight (at 22 weeks) but he warned me they are nothing fancy. It is still pretty crazy how big Baby Stretch (or as Blair calls it ‘Phlebas’) is getting and of course I am getting pretty big as well.
PS. You can see my belly button sticking out in the top picture.
PSS. Yes that is a bassinet we got from a friend and yes it is currently sitting in our living room=)




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