Sometimes when I feel like I am not that big I like to look at old pictures then current ones. Then I realize I am pretty huge. I like having a belly and don’t mind being big at all, it is pretty fun. I have noticed my belly ‘getting in the way’ more often or noticing it’s largeness more than I used to when hugging Blair and things like that. Blair is so great at reminding my how beautiful I still am (because the odd time I don’t feel so good looking when I have such a huge belly) and telling me he loves my belly and the baby inside it. He is also so good at reminding me he doesn’t JUST love my belly but he loves me.
AND I have said the word ‘belly’ like 10000 times but that is alright, you get the picture.

Here is a ‘comparison’ photo so you can have the same fun I do. The first picture is from the summer when we went camping with our siblings and told them we were pregnant. I guess that was the long weekend at the beginning of August? I don’t know how far along I was there (maybe 10 weeks?) but I have a little bit of a belly. The second picture is me currently, at 23 weeks. Lots has changed and I am ready to get bigger yet!

PS the pictures aren’t edited or anything but Blair is at band practice right now, I couldn’t wait to post some pictures and I suck at editing. Anyways, I think you get the idea.



One thought on “comparing

  1. Blair is a smart guy 🙂 You are a beautiful and glowing momma! Getting a bigger belly is awesome, even if it gets in the way 🙂

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