maternity associates

maternity associates

Today we had another ‘check-in’ with our doctor. It is our third visit and we are feeling more and more comfortable every time we drop by. He doesn’t really need to, but I always get Blair to come with me to share in the news, excitement and mostly to keep me company.
We showed up at our appointment and were out of there all within maybe 20 minutes. However long it was, it was fast! We were helped right away and had to wait maybe 2 minutes until our doctor was ready to see me. There are 2 doctors that share ‘duties’ and they are both so great, we feel very thankful for how kind, caring and normal they are about everything.
Blair and I got to hear the babies heartbeat again and that is always so exciting. My test results were mostly good, I just need to bump my iron levels up a bit but she said I was fine. I am gaining weight, blood pressure is good and all that jazz. We have been feeling laid back thus far in the pregnancy and things seem to be working out great.
Our doctor was telling us that if the baby was born now, it would probably live. Craziness. She told me if I ever thought I was going into labour to not feel bad about calling them, even if it was 3am. She printed off records for us to take when traveling over that holidays just in case I went into labour. How crazy is that? Not that she thinks I will be going into labour but she sent them with me just in case (which is nice and so thoughtful).
Anyways, all I am trying to say is that we feel very lucky to have the doctors we do, that our pregnancy is going well and I am thankful Blair is so supportive.

AND here is a picture Blair took when we were in Banff this weekend (such a good time!) of some little North Face booties. They were so adorable but still $40 so we didn’t buy them. I think baby shoes are irresistible.



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