December 12

December 12

Yesterday Blair felt Baby Stretch hiccup. It was cute. Baby hasn’t hiccuped very much so it was great Blair was there. He couldn’t feel it as much as I could, but still a bit.
Baby is still moving lots, growing, and all that good stuff. Blair and I are ‘growing’ our minds as we finish up exams and assignments for the semester. I will be done school tomorrow and Blair is done on Saturday so it will be break time soon.
I get so excited thinking about next semester as I am not in school and will get to do stuff around the house and prepare for the baby to come. Our house is a bit unorganized at the moment as my dad and uncle replaced our carpet with nice new flooring. We have most of the important stuff moved back in place but little organizing to finish so it will be good to do that before we leave for the holidays. Baby Stretch is going to Saskatchewan for Christmas this year and after spending a week out there we are driving to Ponoka for a week. Blair and I are really looking forward to seeing family and all the exciting stuff that comes with Christmas. My back has been pretty sore lately so I am hoping all the driving won’t be too hard on it.
AND my sister came home from France and will be home for the holidays. She got to feel the baby kick and will get to see my belly grow more before she heads off for Australia in the new year.
That’s about what is happening right now.

Here is a quick shot of our new living room floor!



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