christmas (1, 2, & 3), school starting

christmas (1, 2, & 3), school starting

SO, from the title of this blog you can tell there is a lot that has happened since I wrote last and that I am going to try and fill in quickly in this blog.

Christmas Part 1:
We were so fortunate to see tons of family over the Christmas break. After finishing exams and doing things around the house for a day or two we headed out to Saskatchewan (Dec. 20) to spend some time with my dad’s family (his mom, brother and family). It was a really great time out in Moosomin and we were happy we could spend the 25th with them and celebrate a miracle such as Jesus’ birth. The week was full of snacks, hot tubbing (for Blair), playing games, Christmas Eve service, snacks, visiting, wrapping presents, opening presents, fondue, snacks, Blair’s birthday supper and lots of other food! My Nanny just moved into a new place so were were glad to be able to check it out and give it two thumbs up! It is a new apartment type complex and just beautiful.
December 22 was also the one year anniversary of my Poppa passing away so we were blessed to be able to spend that day together as a family reminiscing, telling stories, visiting the gravesite, eating his favorite food and playing his favorite games. It was wonderful and I am glad we could all be there together. It makes me sad every time I think about how our baby, in this life, will not have the pleasure of meeting two of the most wonderful men, Poppa and Grandpa Norm. While this is true I feel grateful that we can pass on the wonderful legacy they have started in their two families.

Christmas Part 2:
Early Boxing Day morning we headed out to Ponoka! This was quite a long drive (12 hours) but I made it through without too much discomfort from the baby. We felt very lucky to be able to see Blair’s whole family along with grandparents, aunts and uncles and even some friends during our week in Ponoka. Similarly to Saskatchewan we played games, ate lots of AMAZING food. It was also New Years while we were there although with our busy few weeks we decided to lay low and just hang out with Blair’s sister and parents to bring in 2013. We had a beautiful Christmas on the 28th of December and enjoyed lots of time hanging out as a family. One of our favorite gifts was an ‘old fashioned’ sleigh for baby from the Stretch parents for next winter. We are so excited to use it for years to come! Baby was moving lots in Saskatchewan but I think it was moving (or I noticed it moving) even more in Ponoka. It was fun showing off the baby and all it’s big kicks or hiccups.

Christmas Part 3:
The last episode of our Christmas escapade ended on January 5 in Claresholm with just my immediate family. Instead of carting our presents out to SK and then back to Alberta we decided to just get together at my parents farm and have a small gift exchange within the family. Blair and I went out the night before and enjoyed being at the farm for a bit before present time. Once everyone got to the farm, we made a huge brunch, opened presents, and then went out for Chinese food=) It was a really fun day and we enjoyed being in each other’s company and spending some quality time together. Caitlin had gotten us gifts from her travels and my family really enjoyed getting special gifts for each other and watching everyone open them (we opened one at a time, mostly for my mom and sister but I think everyone enjoyed it). My parents also picked up Blair and my gifts from my mom’s side of the family’s adult gift exchange (yes if we had time we would have had FOUR Christmas’). My grandpa had my name and grandma had Blair’s and they got us some very nice gifts.

All in all we were very blessed (and somewhat overwhelmed) with all the gifts received for ourselves and for the baby over this season of giving. In the same way we feel blessed because of the time we got to spend with our family and the love shared in so many different ways to the three of us.

Phew. That took a while. Anyways…

Today school started! For Blair at least. It is the first time that I am not in school while Blair is and it is already seeming a bit different. The weird part was that the first day I am off of school I find myself walking to school (to drop Blair off) at 8:30am. I am sure I will have more of an opinion on Blair being in school and me not being in school but right now I am grateful for both sides of the equation. I am glad Blair is finishing up the last semester of his degree, I am glad I can be a support to him and I am very thankful for the much needed time off I have been given in order to prepare for the baby.

I had a maternity appointment today (the first one I have gone to without Blair because he had school!) and everything was good. heartbeat was good, blood pressure good etc. AND now we are moving to having appointments from every four weeks to every TWO weeks! It is getting closer and closer all the time. I also registered us in some prenatal classes but the closest opening they had was February 23-24 so we are just hoping we don’t have the baby before that=)

Hopefully I will be able to write lots now that my life is more focused on baby than school. Who knows though, maybe I will have less procrastinating to do…

Here are some pictures of my belly in Ponoka by the Christmas tree. I am probably about 29.5ish weeks here.




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