week thirty-four

week thirty-four


I have reached that point in my blogging (that every person gets to at one point or another) where I apologize to the imagined readers for not keeping updated on my blog. So, sorry for not keeping updated and I will see what I can do about doing ‘better’ in the future. It turns out school is busy but so is the rest of life.  I have been doing lots of organizing and preparing and blogs have not been at the top of my priority list.

These are just quick shots from my phone off the camera so excuse the poor quality. The long and the short of it us that my stomach/baby are huge! Sometimes I am amazed at how big I look when I look at pictures.

Everything is going well though and has been pretty steady so I think that is why I have not been updating you. I went to the doctor yesterday and everything is fine and dandy.

We have a prenatal ‘weekend’ coming up Feb. 23 & 24 so we are looking forward to learning lots and maybe having more questions (and answers) after that as we have been pretty content so far.

I have been working on a baby registry so that is overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Caitlin left for her trip this past Monday so the babies room is now vacant so we are now cleaning, organizing and getting things settled.

It is getting more and more real everyday and before we know it, Baby Stretch will be here.



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