getting closer

getting closer

Today I had another maternity appointment. I was going every second week but I am now moved up to going every week! Today we made all the appointments I will need until the baby gets here so that is pretty crazy. Since it is reading break Blair had the chance to come with me to my appointment so that was really nice because he has missed a couple lately due to his school schedule.

The appointment went really well. She had to do a swab so she checked me internally and said the babies head was definitely down, and fairly far down so that is a good sign. When I was laying down the baby was really sticking out and she said I mostly just look big because I am short (although she said it much nicer than that!) The doctor estimated my baby would be a ‘normal’ weight, which she defined as about 7.5 pounds.

And every time we get to hear the babies little heartbeat I melt. It is the best.


After our appointment we went to Booster Juice to reward Baby Stretch for doing so well at the doctor šŸ˜‰

I have had a few cramps/contractions but probably only like 3-4 total. Mentally I had been preparing for the baby to come early but now that it is getting closer and I am feeling fairly pain free and comfortable I am not so sure what to think. Family history wise lots of babies have came early but usually a first baby comes after the due date. Also having two due dates that are fairly spread apart, (March 9 & 17) makes things a bit confusing when trying to figure out when the baby might come. It is hard to pretty much have the span of one month where the baby could come because I can’t really make any plans and I just have to wait for when it is ready.

BUT I am really in no rush for the baby to come other than the fact that I am so excited to meet it and cuddle it. I have been sleeping well and can fall asleep almost instantly despite the baby kicking or if I had been napping earlier. The one thing I do find is I am a bit more tired than usual (understandably so) but i feel blessed to have a husband to take care of me if i need it and a life situation where i can nap or rest whenever i need to. My body has been feeling great overall so no complaining here!

We have our prenatal class this Saturday and Sunday so we are looking forward to having that done with and out of the way before baby makes an apperance!


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