photo of the day w/ video

photo of the day w/ video


Selah is waking up more and more and because of this I find myself pulling my camera out more and more. The past couple of days have been full of wide eyes and more smiles than the rest of her life put together. She is so full of life as she makes meaningful expressions and talks all the time. She isn’t awake all of the time but she is definitely waking up more.

She has been able to lift her head and has had strong legs pretty much since she was born but now we can see her strengthening and controlling these skills even more. We are close to getting her to sit up without us supportibg her head but she us still qyite the bobble head.

Nights have been pretty consistent as she has always been a good sleeper. She is still waking up an average of every 4 hours,  sometimes with stretches of 5 or 6 hours between feedings if we are lucky.

All in all we are doing great! We feel very blessed over and over with the joy God has given us through our little girl.

Of course she toned her expressions down once the camera came out but here is a taste of her cuteness


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