mornings in bed

mornings in bed


Yesterday Selah and I had one of our busiest ‘outing’ days. We were out of breakfast with my parents, went to a play date, grocery shopping then had a community group potluck. None of these were very taxing outings but outings none the less.
The funny thing is, despite waking up early and not having a nap, when we got home at the end of the day I felt like I had more energy than ever. I decided I was going to do laundry, clean up and make freezer meals. Crazyness.


Sometimes I think (or know) that laying around the house makes me more tired but I do it anyways. I need to remember sometimes taking a walk will give me more energy than watching a TV show. AND as much as doing things can give me some energy I also need to remember that if Selah is wanting to be held or cuddled I need to enjoy those moments as well.


All that being said, after my long day of ‘going’ my body felt very tired and Selah and I both had a good night sleep. Selah slept for 6.5 hours which isn’t abnormal but still a good amount of time for her. Now that Blair is doing exams and not in school we have been enjoying morning cuddles in our bed with Selah. They are the best.


I thank God continually for the blessings and opportunity he has given me to be a mother (even when Selah is screaming and life doesn’t seem so grand haha).


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