mothers day

mothers day

It happened over a week ago but I thought I would write a quick note about my first mothers day as a mother.

We kind of ‘celebrated’ mothers day on Saturday as our little family. It was a beautiful day ourside and I felt so happy to be alive. We went to the farmers market in the morning, got frozen lemonade abd fresh donuts then headed over to Hebderson Lake. I fed Selah while we had out unhealthy ‘picnic’ and sat by the lake. Blair then took some pictures of Selah and myslef and edited them for my mothers day present. I will post them in a seperate blog. It was the best.

Last mothers day I didn’t even know I would be a mother next time the day came around. Lots of people ask how it feels to be a mother and I am not really sure how to answer.

I feel very much the same but very much different. I am the same person and did not magically transform into a motherly lady over night. It is a gradual process and I feel more experienced as a mother everyday. The one thing that did change is that I have a little person to love and take care of. And I love it.


We went to church in the morning and the moms got chocolate & a Starbucks card. We then ate lunch and headed out to Claresholm to spend the evening with my family (Colton & A.J were there as well). Blair made Pho and we had a good time hanging out, playing games and loving our mother.


I feel like now that I am a mother I can really start to understand how much my mother loves me and how much she gave to me. I am eternally thankful.



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