long post for a long week(end)

long post for a long week(end)

Selah has already done lots of travelling in her life but we decided to take advantage of her driving resiliency and go on another trip. For my birthday both sets of parents gave me money to spend on MYSELF! Although I was excited, I had no idea what to spend it on. One day, while looking at Groupons and dreaming of going somewhere there was a Groupon for two nights in Banff listed at almost exactly what I was given for my birthday. It seemed like fate and I decided that would be the perfect way to spend money on myself.

Banff from the top of Sulphur Mountain
Banff from the top of Sulphur Mountain

We had the most lovely of times and did lots of different stuff. If you don’t like details feel free to skim or skip ahead past this next little bit. We got up fairly early Tuesday morning, arriving in time for lunch at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. in Canmore. Delicious. If you have not been there, you should go. We then went to this food market called Mountain Mercato and each had an amazing Americano. We shopped around Canmore till about 4 when we headed on to Banff to check into our resort.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.
Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

Our place had a kitchen so after doing some unpacking we threw in a chicken pot pie for supper. We had supper, went to the outdoor hot tub (while Selah hung out in her car seat beside the tub) then took the shuttle downtown and had drinks and appetizers at Earls. OUr hotel had a fire place so we had a nice fire to end off both nights we had in our hotel. It was a full day but did not feel busy or rushed.

View from Earls
View from Earls

We were saying we have not been to Banff overnight (let alone two nights) with just the two/three of us. It was nice to be able to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted and not have to squeeze everything into a day trip.

Hanging out in our room
Hanging out in our room

The next day was our full day in Banff so we decided to hike up Sulphur Mountain. Blair carried Selah on his chest and I had a backpack with our lunch and all of her stuff in it. It was a sunny, picturesque day. Perfect for a little hike. It was a bit challenging as we are not in the best shape of our lives and have never hiked with a little one before. It also has a pretty steady incline but we managed to make it to the top in a short 3 hours (including time to stop on the side of a mountain by a waterfall to feed and change our baby girl).

Changing Selah
Selah & Mommy
Selah & Mommy


Our little family
Selah pooping at the top of the mountain

After doing some exploring of the beautiful view from the top we were prepared to hike back down as there is now a cost to take the Gondola down the mountain. Just for curiosity we asked one of the ladies at the gift shop how much it cost to take the Gondola down as we could not see them checking tickets and could not see any prices. She informed us that if there was no one taking money (which there wasn’t) then we could go on for free. So we did that and it was beautiful, not to mention a bit quicker than walking down. After heading to our hotel to change we drove to the Keg to use a gift card we had for supper then took a walk by the river and through some neighbourhoods before we headed back to the hot tub and our hotel.

The next day we hung mostly spent hanging around downtown shopping. We went to the Rose & Crown for lunch ($5 burgers!) and then after a bit headed out to Ponoka.

2013-05-16 12.55.12 copy
At the Rose & Crown

We spent the long weekend, Thursday-Monday, hanging out in Ponoka, Red Deer and Edmonton. We were visiting Blair’s family in Ponoka (including his Grandma & Grandpa Stretch) and headed up one day to Edmonton to see Geoff, Chantalle & Lucas as they were working and could not make it down.

Blair & Selah cuddling in Ponoka
Blair & Selah cuddling in Ponoka
2013-05-19 20.54.42 copy
We went kayaking in Ponoka with Duane & Rebekah while Margo babysat

Blair’s Grandma has not been doing so good so we went to the hospital in Red Deer multiple times to visit her. While we were there though God answered prayers as she was expedited to receive a pacemaker put in. Her medical condition has been a trying yet spiritually uplifting journey for many. She is doing much better and when we left Monday she was much closer to being her normal self again.

2013-05-19 16.25.35 copy
My ice cream matched my shirt
The Little Ice Cream & Soda Shoppe in Red Deer with Blair, Selah, Joel, Randi, Margo, Rebekah, & myself.

Well, this is about the longest post in the entire world so I will just say we had a great time away but are now thankful to be home.


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