swaddling cloth

swaddling cloth


Lately Selah has been changing (she is always changing)! She has been getting more distracted though and sometimes works herself into a frenzy and gets overwhelmed.
When she was first born she loved being swaddled but that changed soon after she started moving around more. She did NOT like being constricted.
Now she goes back and forth between loving being swaddled and hating it. A few times lately I have had to swaddle her arms down in order for her to eat or she just gets squirmy and overwhelmed. Once I wrap her up she is much more calm and easy to work with.
The picture above is of her with her arms tied down so she cpuld concentrate on eating. The picture below was a few minutes after she was wrapped up tight.


She is such a mover.
She then kept her blanket on like this for maybe 20 minutes and was super happy just feeling the texture on her mouth.


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