waking up

waking up

I was not really looking forward to waking up this morning. Selah had been sleeping through the night starting at just over 2 months of age but about a week ago she decided that wasn’t so fun anymore. She hasn’t been waking up too often and sometimes she still sleeps through the night but sometimes when I go to bed late (like I did last night) and am not used to getting up it can seem a bit hard to not get a sleep cycle going on.
Last night she was up at 1, up at 5 then again at 8. She slept a lot yesterday during the day so I was not surprised she was up but I still wasn’t totally loving it.
All this is really just a big lead up to say I have the best husband ever. Every morning if I am laying in bed and Selah is ready to get up he will bring her to me so I can feed her and/or get her ready for the day.
Today he went beyond that and let me sleep while he made me breakfast in bed. It tasted so good, was completely unexpected, and it was nice to be able to catch a few extra winks.

French toast, turkey bacon and strawberries. 3 of my favourite things! Oh & coffee.

I am reminded daily how blessed I am to have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter. Selah is growing up so fast and I need to remember to savor each moment we have together (even if they are late at night).




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