(grand)father’s day

(grand)father's day
My daddy & my little girl


I have been blessed with a loving husband as the father of my Selah.

BUT before he was around I have spent my life loving and being loved by my daddy. He is a kind, caring, sensitive, hard working, loving, gentle, passionate, handsome, Godly and all around wonderful man. He has been a great example for me throughout my whole life and has taught me many things. I love how he loves everyone he comes into contact with and gives until he has nothing left. His passion for our family, farming and even mortgages is amazing to watch and I am excited to continue to support him in his life as he always supports Blair and myself. Now that I am a parent I can start to understand the love he has felt for me and it is overwhelming to say the least. I feel blessed beyond belief to have had such a wonderful father for my whole life and that I will continue to have him as a father for myself and a grandfather for my little girl.

Speaking of dad’s I got a pretty great father in law as well! They say when you marry someone you marry their family as well and I could not have picked a better family to be a part of. I appreciate my father (in law)’s selflessness and behind the scenes attitude. He always plays with (or distracts) the kids while people are wanting to visit. He helps out in the kitchen, cleaning as well as owning and running his own business. He is such a Godly example and a compassionate leader of his household.

Duane & Selah

Although my two dads are different people they both love their wives, children and extended family more than I see most people love anyone or thing. Their beautiful hearts are inspiring and I feel lucky Selah has two wonderful grandpas that will love her beyond belief.


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