fox in socks

fox in socks

These are fairly old pictures now (taken April 7) but I thought it was finally time to share them. We had a Dr. Suess cloth diaper (that she no longer fits into!) so I thought it would be adorable to do a little photo shoot with some books. My camera proficient husband agreed and took some splendid pictures. Selah LOVED the books and was happier in this photo shoot than any previous. I think it was also the first time she really smiled for a long period of time, and over and over. She held the book up and moved as though turning the pages. It was adorable and even though it was a long time ago, I remember it like it was yesterday.
IMG_3039-6 IMG_3040-7 IMG_3043-9 IMG_3047-10 IMG_3053-11 IMG_3057-12 IMG_3059-13-1 IMG_3070-14 IMG_3071-16 IMG_3072-17 IMG_3081-18IMG_3020-4 IMG_3030-5

Blair also took some pictures with some old books that my Dad’s mom gave to us for Selah. I hope she loves books as much when she grows up as she does now!

IMG_3103-22 IMG_3102-20

I am thankful to have such wonderful pictures to look back on our ever changing little girl. She has grown up so much since then and although I loved her in the little baby stage I find great joy in her as she continues to grow.


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