wedding season

wedding season


With the wedding season upon us we were blessed to be able to attend Blair’s cousins wedding. It was a beautiful day filled with celebration and God’s presence as they began their life together with God at the center.
The selfish human instinct in me could not help but reflect on our wedding almost 3 years ago and our marriage since then.
As much as I want Selah to know we love her unconditionally I hope she has a strong sense that Blair & I love each other even more than we love her and in top of that, we love God more than anyone on this earth (which is a LOT of love)!
As we were reminded at the wedding, true unconditional love is more than an emotion. It is a choice you make. When Blair and I were married we made the choice to support and love each other unconditionally. That does not mean that I only love him when I feel like it or when it is convenient. I love him always and feel blessed that so far he has made to easy to do so! While we do feel an emotional love for each other, our love has grown through perseverance.
When I was married I was able to understand the love God had for me more. The same has happened through having Selah. Having Blair in my life helped me understand the romantic, partner love God speaks of in the Bible while having Selah has helped me understand God as a fatherly figure.
I am blessed to have a wonderful father so I could conceptualize receiving love from my father but becoming a parent has helped me feel a fraction of what God may feel.

Blair and I want SO many good things for our little girl. I have typed about 5 different sentences to try and describe the vast array of things we pray for her but it always seems incomplete. it includes things such as a life filled with joy. Having a personal relationship with God. Finding things like music, writing, or sports that she can enjoy. Creating deep relationships that result in friendship or marriage. And of course we hope she loves her parents and family as much as we love her =)

In the same way (but to a much greater degree) I know God also wants amazing things for each of His children. He wants there to be joy in each of our lives. He wants us to have a real relationship with him and not just follow a religion. He wants us to worship him through things we enjoy such as music, writing, or sports. He wants us to create deep relationships for so many different reasons. He wants us to love our families and Him as much as he loves us.
Knowing this and starting to understand this feeling encourages me beyond belief.

I hope Selah can continue to teach us a love we have never felt before and that she knows her mom & dad love each other and always will.



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