cloth diapers

cloth diapers

Look how cute that diaper is! Bumkins All In One.

A few people have asked me lately about cloth diapers. It was something I was interested in before Selah was born and spent hours and hours looking into it online. Here I am adding to the mass amounts of information about cloth diapers online. I wrote a message to my friend so I thought I would copy and paste it here (while adding other tidbits).  This is going to be a really long entry so if you don’t care you probably don’t need to read any further.

If you want to check out an awesome blog head on over to my friend Nancy’s blog where she talks about her cloth diaper experience. I agree with her 100% on this stuff:

Selah’s first cloth. A homemade pocket diaper.

We started using cloth when Selah was about one month old. We still used disposables sometimes when we went out and at night time. We then slowly transitioned and now use cloth 24/7, even most of the times we are on holidays. Now I buy a small pack of disposables while they are on sale to have on hand just in case but usually sell most of them on Kijiji or the online Lethbridge Swap & Buy when Selah has grown out of them. One piece of advice I heard though is if you are intimidated by cloth (which I totally understand) it is alright to just start with cloth part time and go from there. It is a big investment at first but so much cheaper in the end.

We have a few different kinds of diapers and I think they all have pros and cons. I would suggest getting a few of different kinds, trying them out and seeing what you like best.

Cute Bumkins AIO farm diaper!
Cute Bumkins AIO farm diaper!

I had Bumkins AIO (All In Ones) which act pretty much like disposables. They are only good from birth to about 12 pounds though so they obviously won’t be good till potty training. They come in other sizes but we just got the small ones because we found them cheap (and new w/ tags) on Kijiji. We actually really like them though because they are so easy to use.


We also have some homemade ones (that my grandma gave us) and I actually like them.  They are good for around the house as you can easily add extra absorption. They are pocket diapers so they have velco to fasten them and then almost like a folded towel that you stuff in the diaper. All that is to say, if someone offers you homemade ones, don’t refuse them

We have some Bumgenious pocket diapers and they are great. They are a little pricy but if you can afford them they are probably one of the best brands I know of.

We also have Kushies brand AIO’s that we got ‘hardly used’ from a friend and they are pretty good as well. I think they are cheaper than some brands. All In Ones take a while to dry but that doesn’t make a bit difference to us.

Kushies AIO

AND we have Grovia Hybrid diapers. I think these are my favorite idea but we only have a couple so I am trying to expand my collection. If you Google Grovia their website does a great job of explaining their products. With the hybrid diaper you buy a shell and then liners that snap right in (and can buy extra layers for night etc.) At night we use these with a Grovia Stay Dry Soaker and it works well. The shell adjusts so it is good for most (or all) of the time your baby will be in diapers. When the baby ‘goes’ you change the pad but use the same shell until it gets soiled. Cuts down on laundry and you don’t have to buy as many shells. They also have super cute prints and stuff so that is awesome. They also have this Facebook group where you can get the brand in good condition or sell them if you don’t like them.


They sell these in Lethbridge at Stafford Pharmacy. I would recommend snaps over velcro as it doesn’t seem to wear as much. The Grovia shells also double as a swim diaper if you just take the stay dry liner out!

Each diaper has different washing instructions but make sure to get specific detergent. We use Allen’s (sold at Stafford Pharmacy) but I don’t know what will be easiest for you. I don’t know if this is the ‘correct’ way but I just was mine all together. Cold rinse, warm wash with a bit of detergent then cold rinse. Works good so far. I hang dry the shells and throw the rest in the dryer on low or air dry them.


We keep ours in a pail without anything (water etc) in and it doesn’t smell. We use AMP Pail Liners (Stafford) and have 2 so there is always one ready to use. Then we wash them whenever it is full but usually every other day(ish), sometimes less. We got our pails for free but if I was buying something I would probably just get a normal garbage can with a foot pedal, just make sure your pail liner is the right size for it.

With just breast milk fed babies you can throw the diapers in ‘as is’ and when they start eating solids the poop goes in the toilet. I haven’t got there yet but I have thin liners  you put on top of the normal part then just flush it down the toilet when they poop. Then we will see if we get a diaper sprayer to attach to the toilet or rinse them a bit in the tub. Oh the joy of starting solid food. If you dry the wet diapers in the sun with the stained side up the stains will disappear! I have also heard if they just pee in it you can dry them in the sun without washing them although I haven’t tried it.

I ordered a wetbag off Amazon but it hasn’t came yet (to put diapers in on the go. Right now we just use big ziplocs or if we are just out for a bit, grocery bags work fine). At home I use an AMP pail liner that I got in Lethbridge from Stafford Pharmacy. You can throw the bag in with the diapers so that the pail doesn’t stink and you don’t have to wash it out.


We just use ‘face’ cloths to wipe with and a spray bottle with plain water (or run to the sink). Then we wash them with the diapers so it is super easy and nice because you don’t need to buy wipes. I have a Magic Stick from Grovia for redness and it has worked great thus far.

I have heard it is good to have a big stash so they don’t wear out before you get to potty training age. I plan on looking for sales and buying as I go you do change a lot of diapers at the beginning.

I would check Kijiji or places like that because lots of people try cloth diapering once or twice, don’t like it then sell their nice diapers cheap. I was leary about buying second hand at first but lots of people hardly use them then sell them! Also if you are having baby showers or whatever I asked for cloth diapers (you can specify a brand or whatever if you want). They are nice to give and get as gifts.

Selah filling her Mon Petit Mardi dinosaur diaper.

Oh! And at night we have just been using either: a Grovia shell with stay dry liner and stay dry booster OR Bumgenious with the 2 pads OR a Mon Petit Mardi diaper with the two pads we got off So far so good. We usually don’t have to change her all night, even if I do get up to feed her (that is sometimes around 12 hours!) I find I change disposables pretty much the same amount as cloth if I am thinking ahead and put the right amount of ‘layers’ on.

Sorry that is kind of all over the place but I just spat stuff out as I thought of it. I am still learning as well but the more I get into it, the more I love it. It does seem overwhelming at first but really, it is pretty similar to disposables, cheaper overall, better on the environment and fun to have. 

So ya. That is my cloth diaper journey thus far. Seriously though, anything goes. You do not have to be an expert on the subject to try it out. Most of the time you are home by yourself anyways so if it takes a little while to figure it out it won’t matter. Mom’s think they need to be perfect at everything but even after 4 months I am changing stuff up and learning new things about cloth diapers. I could make a lot of ‘arguments’ why I like cloth but I feel like Nancy’s blog does a good job of that. Blair likes the cloth too (and thinks dad’s that refuse don’t understand the difference) but I think he thinks I am a little obsessed sometimes haha. I totally understand why not everyone does it but for me it has been awesome. If you have any other questions I might be able to help with feel free to let me know!


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