6 months


Our little Goober is 6 months old! When Selah was born I decided that when she was 6 months old, that would be old. Now here she is and I can still vividly remember the day she was born. TIme has gone by so fast but we have done our best to enjoy everything about it. When Selah was born I thought I would never want her to leave the tiny newborn phase of her life. I have been pleasantly surprised that after spending 24/7 with my little munchkin I am always happy to watch her continue to grow and I find myself loving her in different (and good) ways as she continues to mature.

We have started Selah on solids. She can roll over. She can sit by herself (for short periods of time). She is figuring out who people are. She has all sorts of different voices or noises for different occasions. She is more coordinated in her movements. Her emotions are clearly shown on her face. She is becoming such a big girl.

Our grumpy girl after her shots

Now I shall take a break from bragging about my talented and lovely daughter to have my ‘confession time’. I put of Selah’s 4 month shots until she was 6 months old. Little thing, I know, but it was just something that happened. I think part of it is because I hate having to watch her get shots and the other part is that I am just unorganized. I imagined the nurses being shocked and disappointed when I came in 2 moths late for her 4 month shots. Do you think they were? Not even a bit. I expected it to be a big deal. Not even a bit. I played it up in my head and it didn’t matter AT ALL.

I joked about how I was just preparing to miss other deadlines for my future kids so in order to treat everyone fairly I had to be late for Selah too. It is funny to think I stressed out about something little like that but it still happens and I am sure I will stress about other little things in the future as well. This is a reminder to me that most little things that I think are life and death don’t really matter in the long run.

At 6 months our baby weighed 14 pounds 3 ounces. She got her shots and cried for a total of about 20 seconds before she calmed right down. She was a bit grumpy that night, unless you were holding her facing out while standing of course. She is such an easy going, loving, and funny baby and we enjoy her even (especially) when she is not feeling good. The sense of unconditional love we have for her continues to teach me God’s real love for his children. More on that another time!


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