We have been starting to experiment with food for Selah. We haven’t actually given her any pablum or rice cereal but have given her some food to suck on or little bits of food. It is so fun introducing all these new flavours to her. She has sucked on things such as cucumber, carrot, cilantro, grapefruit, grapes, apples, peach, avocado (which she somehow hated!), cheese, and some very sour mushed up crab apple. Below are some photos of her loving the sour crab apple and her first time using a spoon! She is very talented at it if I do say so myself.
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We also have one of those great little pouches for food and have been using it lots.


I have done a bit of research about what you are ‘supposed’ to do for feeding but I think this is going to be an area we just do whatever we feel like while listening to what Selah’s body is telling us. I am looking forward to making my own baby food and having Selah like a variety of foods from a young age! Food has been fun and exciting thus far so lets hope it keep up this way!


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