faith like a child

faith like a child


As most of you know, at the beginning of August Blair started a job as the associate pastor at our church, The Gate!
Since Blair finished his English degree at the end of April he had been looking for work. He wasn’t finding anything and at first we were a little frustrated but now see that God was preparing Blair for more than just your average ‘getting by’ type of job.
Although the transition happened rather quickly there is a bit of a story behind his new position.

When Blair was still in school our friends Ann & Randy were told to pray for who should be the new Associate Pastor at our church. Ann automatically received Blair’s name but when they told us that Blair thought the idea sounded pretty out there. He does not particularly enjoy pubic speaking and with no biblical schooling had not thought of becoming a pastor. As the months went by and a job description for the position was drawn up and the elders were asked to pray again. Blair’s name was at the front of a few people’s minds and after some deliberation they asked him if he would consider joining the church as a full time associate pastor.

Even though the idea seemed so foreign a few months earlier it did not take us long to decide that this is the job God had planned for Blair. I am reminded that we only know a small piece of a large picture. We continue to trust that God will take care of us if we follow his plans for us and that these plans are much better than any we could make ourselves. Blair is thankful for the challenging and meaningful job God has given him. I am thankful that I can be there to support him and watch him do something he enjoys. We are thankful that even though it may not be the most financially lucrative job, we will have the opportunity to continue trusting God with our lives as well as our daughters life.


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