six month old selah

six month old selah

Blair set up a timer and we took some family shots! Selah is sitting so well and (I think) getting cuter all the time.


IMG_4982-1 IMG_4985-3 IMG_4995-5 IMG_5010-8 IMG_5050-10 IMG_5054-12 IMG_5068-14 IMG_5071-16 IMG_5134-21 IMG_5139-22 IMG_5140-24 IMG_5147-26 IMG_5150-28 IMG_5189-30 IMG_5206-34 IMG_5207-35 IMG_5216-36 IMG_5237-38 IMG_5249-40 IMG_5250-41 IMG_5254-42 IMG_5267-44 IMG_5275-47


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