growing up!

growing up!

Our little girl is growing up so fast! At times I love it while other times leave me feeling nostalgic. It seems like just yesterday we hit the big 6 month milestone and since then she has been turning into a little lady. She is sitting, eating, reacting, laughing, babbling, and so much more! She is developing into her own person more and more each day and I am overflowing with joy as I watch.

I just love how you can see her smile and crinkly nose despite the out of focusness.
Selah loves standing much more than sitting, even if she is balancing!

Sometimes I think she can still fit on my lap laying straight. Then I lay her on the couch and realize she is really growing!

9zofUJNjJ4RRUEXAj5q-G-IpfOwh0vEg62mjuoEJ2NcThe other day Blair was feeling around Selah’s mouth and discovered her first tooth! It is coming through on the bottom in the picture below. I am so excited to watch her teeth come in and watch her smiles change from gummy cuteness to a wide tooth filled grin.

As exciting as all this is, Selah has been having a few ‘off’ weeks. She is obviously teething but we are starting to get our share of the busy nights parents often have. Selah was such a great sleeper but with interruptions such as growing and teething we have had our fair share of trips to her nursery. It is hard to watch my baby girl be in pain or annoyed and even more hard when we are tired to begin with. I have been learning to pray lots and I am sure this is just the beginning of my growth in prayer as a parent. Many times I realize there is nothing I can do to help Selah and I just have to trust that God will take care of her.

Regarding her sleeping no action has been taken on our part yet so we will see how things play out. We are doing alright but if you could continue to pray for us as we sort sleep out for her that would be wonderful. She is fairly off and on during the day and loves attention we sometimes are unable to give her.

mqLWB38d4vfa8QV2wkOJl9llob8Z0yywmDkFGifIEJE eIV1ga_E1xdIW8yYLgRPFh6Y0s8uK-y2mcutw5SHlxEAll in all though Selah is such a joy in our lives and I seriously cannot imagine my life without her. She is so special, loveable, and unique.

Selah makes me laugh when I am sad.

Selah laughs when you scare her.

Selah has been waving hello & goodbye.

Selah’s eye colour is continually changing.

Selah likes to watch videos of herself (she smiles so big)!

Selah smiles at the camera even if she was crying.

Selah loves to eat books.

Selah loves to eat.

Selah hates getting dressed.

Selah has two little cowlicks on the back of her head.

Selah interacts with her daddy in the cutest way.

Selah is the light of our lives.


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