a baby shower: part one

a baby shower: part one

This past weekend I had the privilege of co hosting my first baby shower with my friend Ann! I have been to many baby showers in my life but never planned one. It was such a wonderful way to celebrate our friend’s first baby and a great chance to get together with friends. While it was a bit of work, it was very rewarding watching it all come together. My sister was awesome enough to take pictures while I ran around like crazy and I am very grateful for that!


As Isla’s mom & dad both enjoy biking I thought that would be a cute, unique, and creative way to celebrate them as parents as well as their new little girl. My original colour scheme idea was a light pink paired with mint green. It turns out that mint green is not quite as popular as I anticipated (at least not when it comes to party supplies) and is hard to match exactly. We ended up going with a teal spectrum of greens so it worked out alright. If I was to do one thing differently from this shower it would be to find an easier colour to match! Maybe go to buy plates etc. before I even decide on a colour scheme and go from there.


I LOVED the invitations! We decided to invite women, children & husbands to the shower and I am glad we did. I have NOTHING against all girl baby showers but it was cool having people thank us after for making it an event their whole family could enjoy. As we celebrate new life it seemed only fitting. And I usually enjoy things more if I am able to do them with my husband and now daughter.

Once I decided on the bike theme I was searching for a free printable to use for invitations etc. As I was looking Blair was like “I can just make one…” Amazed and excited I took him up on it. It took him lots of time as he never does anything half heartedly. I pretty much told him the colours I liked and some different ideas I found on the internet and he came out with this:


He is spectacular, talented, and creative. He is also handsome. Yep, I hit the jackpot. I haven’t asked him but I bet you could bribe/pay him and he could make your invitation dreams come true 😉

I sent the invite file over Facebook messaging (who e-mails anymore!) but would have them printed if we had more time. We sent some off to Staples to be printed as postcards but apparently they are insanely slow so while they shower up a few days before the shower, we did not give them out! Next time we will figure something better out next time.

Miscellaneous Details:
The party was located in the mezzanine at our church so as guests first entered the building they saw an old bike with a sign on them directing where to go.

Bike & sign courtesy of my sister Caitlin. She rocks.

I also threw a table cloth on the tall table and tied it up with a piece of twine in a bow to match other decor.


We talked about maybe doing some games but because most people knew each other we decided to just have snacks, open presents, ogle Isla, & visit with each other. I was glad we decided to do this as there were lots of people and organizing them to do anything would not have been fun. It was more enjoyable to be able to hang out and see people we might see at church but not always have time to visit with. We set us a table with ‘bike themed’ colouring sheets & mega blocks for the kids and between that and the snacks they were mostly occupied.

Before the kids got ‘at it’

I will post a separate blog with food and decor details later. Until then, here is a shot of my patient little girl who was passed off, running around with her mom, or playing quietly by herself while her mother planned a party.

She doesn’t look so impressed =)

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