baby shower: part two

baby shower: part two

Welcome to part two of my Bicycle Baby Shower run down. My first blog covered some miscellaneous details about the shower. This one is going to be focused on one thing. Decorations. Probably the thing I spent the most time visualizing, preparing and putting up!

The dessert table consisted of food signs printed in the same font as the invites, confetti balloons, hanging streamers, and bicycle circles onto of the cupcakes. I would be so boring without Pinterest.


I got clear balloons from the dollar store, used my three hole punch to punch up a couple sheets of cardstock, put the confetti in the balloons and blew them up the day of. I simply taped the balloons to the wall in a line and we were good to go.
My husband took the graphics from the invitations and put them in circles. I then cut them out, put a toothpick in the middle, and hot glued another on top. They looked great with the cupcakes my friend made.
For the shower we just ripped off strips of streamer and taped it directly to the wall. We started at the middle and alternated so it would be centred. Next time I would consider taping strips of streamers to a long streamer and taping that to the wall so you can adjust ‘centeredness’ if necessary.

I had some extra twine from the bunting and ice cream so I tied it around Mason jars for utensils and other random items.


I used this tutorial to make giant pom poms to hang from the ceiling. I left the pink ones without cutting anything off the end while I cut triangles into the white one. They are super easy & cheap to make and really fill out the room.

It is a dark picture but… you get the idea.
I secured the middle with scotch tape and used black thread to hang from the ceiling.

 We took the bunting idea from the invites and ran with it. I took the ‘simple’ bunting method and it made for a fun and rewarding project. I gathered scrapbook papers to fit the colour scheme, cut out triangles (using one to trace the rest), punched two holes with my three hole punch, weaved the twine through and voila. Easy peasy.

I got the sparkly letters from Micheals for $0.75 each with the holes already in them! They only had one hole so they turned but they still looked super cute.
Selah patiently entertaining herself
Selah patiently entertaining herself while I set up




AND that concludes the decorations.

But now I am out of coffee and I hear my daughter starting to wake up from her nap so I will post the final baby shower post (on FOOD) soon!


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