busy girl

busy girl

Lately Selah has been doing this thing where she will sleep for about 5 minutes in the car and when we get home and put her in her crib and she is wide awake. This counts as her ‘nap’ as far as she is concerned. Today I put her in her crib and started some work on the computer. She couldn’t go back to sleep and after about 5 minutes she demanded some attention. So we worked at the computer for a bit. I put her on the floor and decided it was time to leave the computer and hang out with my baby girl once she had pushed her way into the hall and was crying because she was stuck against the wall. X1s2vjqA-7jm6eOl-GvepvMszsw5Lse8bdakGwIplbI RzZOa_2u2gM0GJmZ1fibQzLzGuzFnw-ksrwz8IvF5YII am thankful for a girl that can occupy herself most of the time but also thankful for when she demands my attention and I get to play with her. Sometimes I don’t always feel thankful but after making her laugh or reading a book and watching her get excited I know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


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