eat your greens

eat your greens

When Selah was born Blair & I got a baby food cook book from his cousin (thanks!). While so far we have just been blending or mashing plain foods I decided to try the ‘eat your greens’ recipe from the book. The title alone makes me feel good feeding it to my daughter. It is hard to tell from the below media but Selah really enjoyed it! So, for all those moms out there you can find the recipe here.

On another note, I think Selah enjoyed her greens so much that she ate TOO much. This past Sunday left us with a very ‘plugged up’ little girl. It was maybe the saddest I have seen her as she tried to poop and it was not working. It was so hard feeling like there was little to nothing we could do. But, as Monday rolled around she was feeling lots better. I feel grateful for her enjoyment of food and now I know to slow down a bit so her sensitive body can work with it!

Food wise, Selah is also doing really great with textures. While she still has some pureed food I have been giving her more chunks and haven’t had problems yet. Her newest addition is ground beef. She loves pretty much anything we give her so if that could keep up that would be great! She is also doing awesome with drinking water. She has a cup with a straw and a zippy cup without and can drink out of either one of those (when she feels like it). She loves water and sometimes just starts shaking with excitement at the sight of it. What a goof.


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