nanny & selah

nanny & selah

Selah loves her Nanny. Selah & I had the opportunity to go to Moosomin Saskatchewan on the November long weekend which was awesome. Selah would cuddle with her Nanny, play with her, and loved being at her house. It is so fun watching them together. It is fun watching the oldest person in our family play with the youngest person. So beautiful.OVQlsBLDuhboxPpKTmqX6CBKMi014v6AtLN-oPS6V_k ybZsXkdNW9GOOXZmWgxplxeMOHZ74a0lBFrRS0NMcms wWtz2L3fPnfkqMEr31X6DKLUL8F2TJcL_SazpT4-h0A Ixl4o0DqWal06OmEKHgwawj3TYdKH94IpyisJt6GqWY


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