Selah & I took a trip on the November long weekend to Moosomin Saskatchewan with Caitlin, my mom, & my dad.

There are a LOT of pictures of this trip.


You see, now that Blair is a pastor he had to stay in Lethbridge for the weekend. We are lucky enough to spend lots of time together on a regular basis and are not often away from each other for extended periods of time. It happens every once in a while but neither of us particularly enjoy it.

With technology ‘now a days’ it is pretty easy to send pictures back and forth. So during the trip I sent lots of pictures to Blair and now I will share some with you.


A picture of Blair & Selah getting in their last cuddles


Lots of driving!


Medicine Hat


Since we left late-ish on Thursday we just went to Swift Current and stayed over night there. It was nice breaking the trip up and Selah had her first stay in a hotel. Selah was an amazing traveller and we never (on the way there OR back) had to stop for Selah. We simply stopped for ourselves and fed or changed her at the same time. It was helpful to have two adults in the back seat keeping her company and now that she is on solids, snacks are distracting as well.


We got to Moosomin on Friday for supper and in time to catch Moosomin’s amazing production of Le Mis.


Computer time at Nanny’s


Aunty Caitlin! My whole family helped with Selah on the trip but we were sleeping at my cousins while my parents were at my Nanny’s so Caitlin was helping out lots. She is great and Selah loves her!


My Aunty Rene had a birthday when we were out there so naturally we had to have a party! My Nanny cooked up an amazing turkey dinner while my mom, Caitlin, and I decorated the ‘common room’ at my Nanny’s apartment complex. And we needed a Photo Booth/background for pictures. Naturally.



Selah is getting to the age now where she really notices when she is in a new place. She studies the room, notices a different bed, and is not quite as comfortable when we are away. Despite not sleeping in her own bed, she did great when we were at the farm! That was nice as Blair was not there to help me in the night. When we slept over at the hotel they provided us with a crib but she didn’t sleep so eel. It could have been a number of things but I know at first she was having a hard time falling asleep with four adults in the room distracting her. I don’t blame her.6R-rMzdt5kIa3jxe52hjD5Z3qH9jlEH7j_F7ENdQrCY


Big girl in her homemade ‘high chair’. It hasn’t passed any safety ratings so we watched close. LKx_P1yMnHTUBL_O2uSMyZPx6OqeSTKu0BrNfROMcDcSelah playing with Uncle Kevin


The cutest pair


Nanny has the best toys. Measuring spoons.



Selah sized Starbucks


Caitlin & Dad loving life

AND I stole some of my sister’s pictures because they are so beautiful and further show the trip.

1385736_10151672503121330_1650038116_n 1469747_10151672503396330_993022910_n


1234906_10151672503531330_242043912_n 1395401_10151672502841330_1560002657_n

On Sunday my dad & Caitlin preached at the First Baptist Church in Moosomin. It was a great opportunity and fun for them to speak together.


Selah loves sushi and she has never even tried it before.


That face will just melt your heart


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