operation christmas child

operation christmas child

hUZDkWTVvajoJ9BQRaBtgANM6JU18aN2E0UCODqJokgOur Community Group decided to put together some shoeboxes. It was cool timing as we were learning about fellowship and how it is more than just hanging out at a pot luck. Part of what we talked about was sharing our resources. Someone brought up Operation Christmas Child and after looking into it I realized the boxes were due in exactly one week. Even with the short notice we decided to go ahead with it and ended up sending out 7 boxes full of God’s love and some great presents.


I feel so thankful for our Community Group. The people there are loving, warm, friendly, caring, thoughtful, giving, and I love the discussions we have on a weekly basis. Selah is lucky to be surrounded by these awesome people once a week and have them love on her too!XDJH_fnHXjRgpO71PPi1gMA5JznjEqo5aUd5QvEgsOw


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