sleep is for the weak

sleep is for the weak

pzSFuqfvZCiVVsWOvNN6ghq0vxEICX6oDHBKevbIpYkLast night Selah was up until after 11pm. The night before she was up until midnight (as opposed to the usual 7 pm). Both days she only had one short nap (as opposed to the usual two). Thankfully she was never really cranky (she actually was kind of ‘dopey’ some of the time) but sometimes she was definitely acting tired and not being able to sleep. With rosy red cheeks and drool to match we are assuming she will be cutting her top teeth soon and this lack of sleep will just be a phase. Mostly for her, but a little bit for ourselves as well.

This video was when Selah was acting sleepy so I put her in her crib. As soon as she hit the mattress she was acting awake again.

Every time we ‘catch’ her playing with her stars she just grins and acts innocent, usually even more so then in this video.

And here she is after 11pm just laughing away with Aunty Caitlin.


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