december twenty ninth

december twenty ninth



Over Christmas time we were in Ponoka, as we usually are in some point in time. The 29th was a busy day so on the 30th the two of us escaped from the house and took a trip down memory lane. I think every year we go to the spot where Blair proposed to me and reminisce. It was crazy to think of us four years ago in the very same spot planning to spend our lives together. Of course so much has happened since then but I still remember the feelings I felt on December 29th way back in 2009. As much as we loved our wedding we were saying when Blair proposed was almost more exciting, I think because it was so intimate between the two of us.

If you would like to read more about our engagement click here to see some pictures and read our story!


I feel so blessed for the ways God has strengthened our marriage and expanded our family. I look forward to continue working on our marriage and loving Blair more everyday so Selah will see her parents love each other and everything that goes along with that.  

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