-T0Cvp04QesfHhecp_KGrzKsnFCWIs032wJwzS39KSUThis past weekend we had the pleasure of heading out to the camp Blair & I met at to attend the blessing service of their new building. I sit here staring at my computer screen not really sure what to say about all this. Camp (in general) is a place I grew up attending as a camper, LTD, & staff member. It was a place I lived at year round, the place I spent my summers, the place I met my husband, a hub of new and old friendships, and a place where I experienced God. It is a place in which I have experienced lots of joy as well as lots of pain and struggle.

I love reminiscing, looking at old pictures, thinking about fun things I have done, and amazing experiences I have had in the past. For me the aspects of the old building I love (looking to the past) are still very much alive. The blessing service and lunch afterwards were full of joy from the people I know and the people who I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting. Camp means different things to different people but while it may be a sacred place, these experiences change us and follow us in our every day lives.

 While I love reminiscing I also like to think about the future and the experiences I may have. This new building provided me with the opportunity to dream about the experiences this camp as well as others like it will provide for my daughter and the people she will grow up with. I imagine Selah growing physically and emotionally in this building. I imagine her meeting God in this new building. I imagine the other relationships she may make in this building. It excites me.

Even if she goes to another camp when she grows up (or doesn’t like camp at all!) I get excited thinking about the amazing things I know will take place in Memorial Hall and the amazing ways my daughter will grow as time continues to whiz by.

And to finish it off, I like to think about the present. I like to enjoy where I am at in life and soak up what I can because sometimes it flashes by in a hurry. I feel thankful to be at the stage in life where we are at now. I feel thankful for our friends and family we were lucky enough to see this past Reading Break/weekend. I think I heard the word “cute” used in regards to Selah from at least 100 people (not even exaggerating). It makes me smile when the people we love get to meet or hang out with my little girl and catch a glimpse of how wonderful she is. And I feel thankful for the wonderful community we were welcomed back into once we rolled into Lethbridge. Despite the mountains of unwanted homework I have hanging over my head, contents of our trip spread across our whole house, and a little girl recovering from a bit of a cold I feel so thankful to be alive.



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