happy happy

happy happy


Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, my mother-in-law, and all the other awesome mom’s in my life (there are lots)!

We had a wonderful day and I felt so thankful for the mom’s around me, the little girl who has made me a mom, & the guy who I get to share it all with.

I started off the day by recieving a bottle of perfume from Selah (she is a very thoughtful little girl) and Selah occupied herself while I got to do my nails.


We then headed off to church (where Caitlin spoke & the moms got Starbucks GC’s). From there we went out for some all you can eat sushi, my favorite!


While my mom, brother, & sister went to a movie we came home to have a rest. We had a low key supper, Skyped our Ponoka family and had a low key evening. Blair has been very thoughtful all day and expressed his appreciation of me being Selah’s mom while she is too young to articulate these ideas.


Being a mom may be a tough job but it is one I wouldn’t trade for anything. I am thankful I have had so many wonderful friends and role models to encourage me on my journey in this position. And I am thankful for the smiling, happy, intelligent, & loving girl God has given Blair & I.




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