[belated] mother’s day photos

[belated] mother’s day photos

Last year Blair took  pictures of Selah & I for Mother’s Day so we thought it would be a fun ‘tradition’ of sorts and did it again this year. I feel so overwhelmed with having a fantastic photographer of a husband and a beautiful baby girl that lights up every picture she is in. We also got to take the pictures when we were at Mill Creek Camp for a College & Career camp so it was great to have such a wonderful backdrop to play with.

Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts I could ever be a part of and I feel so thankful for the gift God has given to Blair & I. I look forward to having these photos for many years to come to help me remember my spunky, energetic, goofy, dancing, fun, kind, & loving one year old.

Check out Blair’s pictures here: https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/bmstretch/14283160263/

IMG_6139-14 IMG_6141-15 IMG_6145-16 IMG_6147-17 IMG_6148-18 IMG_6153-19 IMG_6163-20 IMG_6165-21 IMG_6180-23 IMG_6181-24 IMG_6192-25
IMG_6196-28 IMG_6197-29 IMG_6202-30 IMG_6206-31 IMG_6215-32
IMG_6220-34 IMG_6225-35 IMG_6231-36 IMG_6240-38 IMG_6247-39 IMG_6277-44 IMG_6281-45 IMG_6137-13 copy


3 thoughts on “[belated] mother’s day photos

  1. Amazing photo shoot. Gorgeous pictures and amazing models. These made my heart smile so much. Love you all.

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