Here is a shaky video of Selah walking:

I thought for sure she would sit down when I picked up my phone so I was trying to be a bit sneaky but she didn’t seem to mind.

Selah is 15 months old today and I would classify these as her first steps. She has taken a few steps on various occasions but I think these were her first intentional steps. Usually she stops as soon as she realizes she is walking or that people are paying attention to her but from the smile on her face I think she knew what she was up to.
It has taken her a while to get going as she has been pulling herself up, walking along furniture, and been running while holding our hands for quite a while. I am alright with that but hoping this walking will increase in time for summer as I think her knees are already getting pretty raw haha.


3 thoughts on “walking

  1. Awww, that’s so fun!! Lots of steps! Look at her go. : )
    [applause] Nana Margo and Auntie Rebekah

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