Yesterday this little stinker was so tired all morning for no reason. Once I finally got her fed and put her down for a nap I thought she would conk out instantly. Instead she played quietly for about 2 hours and never fell asleep.
It was one if those days where I was just waiting for her to fall asleep instead of going about my normal day for whatever reason so I was feeling a bit frustrated. After I came in and saw her sweetly smiling face, so proud of herself for staying awake I couldn’t help but smile a little.
Selah went the rest of the day without a nap. She has done this a time or two if we are busy and out during the day but this felt different. Selah has always been a one nap a day kinda girl but this just felt like she was starting to grow up. She is showing so many signs of growing up and lerning things so quickly it is amazing.
Thankfully, Selah went down for a nap again today so I don’t have to worry about her growing up too too fast!


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