chalk time

chalk time






2 thoughts on “chalk time

  1. Sorry I have been so long in getting in touch; Better your little girl colors on the side walk than the walls but that will come too. Did your Dad give the little envelope I send home with him to give to you. I’m looking forward to seeing you all I think around Thanksgiving if I ever get my plans in place. I am going down east first to see Uncle Gil & help him celebrate his 92nd birthday. Don’t really want to go anywhere as it gets to be a real hassel for this old girl. How is teaching going? You sure are a busy Mom but I guess lots do it but of course you have youth on your side but I am sure you get weary too. I hear you are also selling pants. Don’t wear yourself out. It is a good job that you have a handy dandy hubby. I wanted to E-mail A.J. the other day but can’t seem to find his address for the computer, I have his home address & sent him a birthday card. I was going to try & phone him but guess it isn’t too late yet, maybe he is out partying. Well must go & have my dessert but when I saw your E-mail I said to myself I’m going to answer right away or it may not get done. Forgive me for not always answering you but always enjoy the pictures & hearing from you. Love you all Nanny. 9/7/2014 9:20 PM, selah mae. wrote: > > babystretch posted: ” ” >

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