I haven’t been updating my blog very much. I haven’t wrote about how I am doing or what I am feeling during this pregnancy. I am sure the second one always flies by but it is amazing at how different our lives are now than they were when we had Selah. It is hard to think that at this point in our lives so much can change in just 2 years but… so much has changed. When we were pregnant with Selah I was sitting at the University, Blair was at the University and neither of us were working. We spent a lot of time on the computer and blogging was often an excuse to get away from school work.

Now I am a mother to a beautiful, feisty, energetic, and strong (willed) daughter. As I write this she is resisting yet another nap and loudly stating “ALL DONE, ALL DONE”.

I am teaching Kindergarten for my practicum. I am selling SweetLegs. Blair is working full time at the church. AND so much more. It has been some of the busiest few months in our lives.

Blair is better at pretending to sleep than Selah is…




When people hear how busy we are they often ask me how I do it.


The real response is that I don’t.


I could not survive if it was not for the help of our friends, family, and my wonderful husband. So many people have watched Selah during the day (and night) for us, brought us meals, supported us through prayer, or helped us with things we need to get done. We have been blessed with a (sometimes) easy going daughter that will ‘go with’ any of our friends and family. I couldn’t begin to list all the things Blair does for our family, big & little. God has provided financially for us in different ways through all this craziness. I haven’t felt sick during my pregnancy and the baby inside of me is growing steadily and is healthy. Life is good.

imageAs excited as I am for this busy period in our life to be over (believe me, I am ecstatic!) I treasure the help that we have received and am tearing up at all the blessings God has given us. It has been hard and it has been draining but I know we will look back on this time and smile at how it all worked out.


Come Christmas time we will have different things causing our lives to be busy and then March will roll around and we will bring a newborn into this crazy world. I am so excited to have another little one as Selah is growing into a full blown toddler. Baby #2 is loved so much already by Blair, myself and the people around us. IMG_6896-8

These are a few pictures we shared when we announced the coming of Baby #2 and were taken on October 1. It is now the 14th and I am 21 weeks, past the half way point! I will have to post some more belly pictures as I am growing quickly (or baby is growing)!IMG_6870-2 IMG_6875-4

Baby is kicking and moving. It is hard to remember accurately and compare the two pregnancies but the joy of feeling the baby move inside of me is just as fresh as Selah’s first movement. I love being pregnant and am excited to continue on the journey over the next few months.



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