tiny baby

tiny baby

3 weeks to go!

With some nicer weather we had the chance to head outside for Blair to snap some awesome pictures of tiny baby & I. My belly is getting bigger & bigger as baby continues to grow. Overall I am still doing really good, I have tired & sore days or moments every so often but I always say I am not sure if it is because I am busy doing things & chasing Selah around or because I am pregnant (or, most likely, a combination of the two). This pregnancy seems to be flying by and I don’t really have a desire for it to be over other than to meet our precious bundle of joy. IMG_8377-1 IMG_8448-11 IMG_8436-7 IMG_8483-13 IMG_8446-10 IMG_8450-12 IMG_8441-8 IMG_8382-2 IMG_8432-6 IMG_8392-4

I am trying not to psych myself up that I will have this baby early but with Selah coming early I sometimes naturally think that way. Either way I am working towards enjoying every minute of this pregnancy. Enjoy the little jabs baby gives me when it wants attention. Enjoy the alien like movements dragging across my belly. Enjoy hearing it’s speedy little heart beat at every maternity appointment. Enjoy full nights of sleep without a newborn. Enjoy the mystery of what is to come and so much more.

At the same time I very much look forward to all the excitement that is to come when tiny baby makes it’s way into the world 🙂


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