baking day

baking day

Selah loves helping me bake and sometimes I let her. I will openly admit that I am not the ‘messiest’ mom in the way that I still like my stuff to turn out and don’t let her spill stuff all over while she helps. She is actually really good and careful while helping so that is fun to watch.
I am working on letting her help as I know it is important to let her have fun & experiment while helping but it is still sometimes hard for me.
She dropped her spoon in the cake batter and kept saying “uh oh!” I felt a little bad and hope she is not completely OCD 🙂 She did find out though that the cake we were making was in fact chocolate & happened to tasye pretty good so it wasn’t long before she was dipping various stirring utensils in the batter that ended up in her mouth.


Matching aprons made by great grandma Spence



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