little green crayon

little green crayon


This happened the other day.
Somehow Selah snuck a piece of crayon into her crib (which she has prefered sleeping in lately… that being a whole nother story). She was quiet during her nap time although I heard the odd sound so I knew she wasn’t sleeping. I wasn’t worried as I thought she was at least having some quiet time.
When I came in I don’t even remember what happened. I thought it was funny but obviously didn’t show that in anyway as to not have her think it was a good thing to have colored all over her walls. She had coloured anything she could reach and obviously throughout most of her ‘nap’ time.
Now ever time we go into her room (one day I will get to cleaning it up!) Selah says “happened?” as in what happened or “naughty” and points to the wall.
A few days later a book arrived in the mail for Father’s day. In the book the dinosaur colours in the walls and every time we get to that page Selah says “naughty, naughty”.
Lesson learned… Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “little green crayon

  1. I think nearly every child goes through that same phase, probable a learning lessons for parents. She had such a sad little face that it almost makes me cry too. I’ve had a busy hectic day but God’s hand to seem to be in at least part of it. To long a story as my computer doesn’t seem to like long stories & makes me frustrated. Hope the crayon isn’t too big a job. Will say good night. Love Nanny.

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