coffee addict

coffee addict

Blair: Carissa-Lynn, I am making an Americano do you want one?

Carissa-Lynn: Yes please.
Selah yells from the bathtub: CAN-O PLEASE! Mom Can-O. Yeah. C(r)eam. Yeah.


Yesterday we also ‘caught’ her pretending to drink from a container and when I asked her what she was drinking she said “toffee” aka coffee. Every time she took a sip she exclaimed mmmmm!

We have never even given her coffee! What a goof.


On the topic, here are some pictures Blair took of her on a trip to Starbucks. LWas-wiQvHc2dcbTYVenXB7mf7YLXwyW8GSDlsmADus nykNEgrdeqFDj_d61nyMe54LuqQE4KUj3JLXYQjAuho



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